Historic England keen on “The Sands”

A ship excavation is expected to reveal a “treasure trove” of items and stories from Europe’s global trading history.

An international team of maritime archaeologists are diving, excavating and recording the wreck of Dutch ship the Rooswijk off the Kent coast.

All 300 shipmen died when the vessel, carrying coins and silver ingots, sank on Goodwin Sands in January 1740. Never before have any of the Dutch East India Company’s 250 wrecks been scientifically excavated on this scale.

Historic England manages the protected site and is working with the Dutch government, which owns the ship’s remains. It is only now, after more than 250 years, that the sands have shifted enough to unveil the wreckage. Some of the finds include a large seaman’s chest, pewter jugs, ornately carved wooden knife handles and leather shoes.

The wreck is high on the Heritage at Risk register due to its exposed remains and vulnerability to the shifting sands. Alison James, maritime archaeologist at Historic England, said: “Wrecks such as the Rooswijk are time capsules that offer a unique glimpse into the past and tell a story.

Fund Raising gets us £234 for young people

We had our annual Sunday Lunch in support of Goodwin Sands Potholing Club, yesterday, Sunday 22nd October. The event was held at Broome Park Country Club just outside Canterbury.

A profit of £234 was made. This was achieved through just over 3o people coming for lunch. This was preceded by those who wished to take advantage of a guided tour of the building which was once the home of Lord Kitchener “YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU” fame.

A light hearted quiz took place as well. All in all a good afternoons entertainment for all POTHOLERS!

Our thanks go to various committee members for doing a great deal of hard work

AGM Information

At this time of the year we are fast approaching the Goodwin Sands Potholing Club AGM and would be delighted to see as many fellow POTHOLERS as possible (and guests of course). The date is 19th November at 14.30 hours.

The address is:

DEAL YOUTH HUB, Park Avenue, Deal, Kent,  CT14 9UU

The AGM will be conducted as quickly as possible to make way for a short, fun quiz.

Please do try to attend. If you can make it please let either John Andrews (Hon Treasurer) know or Philip Lennard (Hon Sec) so that we can organise catering accordingly.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM

Summer 2017 – Newsletter


Summer 2017 Newsletter

It’s a while since we sent you some information, so here we are with some new and pleased to update you on recent progress with the Goodwin Sands Potholing Club.

Our Grants Sub Committee and Executive have approved Grants to the following:

  • Ten young Sea Cadets to attend a PGL adventure camp (£100 each)
  • To two young women who will undertake training with the National Citizenship Scheme (£75 each).

These 2 grants alone stand at £1150.

So your Club subscriptions & other fund raising activities continues to support and encourage young people to really “go for it”, as they say. Its worth noting that the Grants Sub Committee apply, as hopefully you would expect, quite stringent tests of applicability to Grant requests. They don’t all get through the rigour of what we expect.

On the subject of money, we constantly need to boost our funds if we are to continue to help young people in Kent. With that in mind, we hope you will consider some of the planned activities shown below. We do need your participation and we hope that we can give you some fun along the way. Whilst the items below are put together by your Committee volunteers, we have no monopoly on doing things. So if you feel that you would like to “lend a hand”, please let one of the Executive Committee know so that we can foster other ideas as well.

Our 2017 AGM is scheduled for Sunday 19th November. Last years was successfully held in Deal. We would be delighted to have every member of the Goodwin Sands Potholing Club attend, what a pleasure that would be. It would help us enormously in the planning of the AGM if you will let us know if you could answer the following questions/:


Activity Yes No
Are you able to attend the AGM on 19th November?    
Would you like this to be LAND based

Typical cost to you max £5

Would you like this to be FERRY based (ie traveling through the Goodwin Sands) – Typical cost to you around £20    
Sunday Lunch on 17th September followed by a fun quiz at delightful Broome Park near Canterbury – Typical cost £20    
Afternoon Tea at Broome Park nearer to Christmas…again with a festive quiz. Broome Park is beautiful at Christmas with giant tree and roaring log fires.    
Around August we are planning a Garden Party with a difference. You re GUARANTEED of coming away with something you will be able to put to use for several myears to come – are you tempted?

Why not join us….. venue will be near Sandwich.

For the sophisticated among the members (and if you like a drink!) an opportunity to sample cocktails, guess the ingredients and enjoy some nibbles. Venue either Deal or Whitstable probably in October.    
One of our loyal Committee is prepared to sacrifice (someone has to do it) himself and will lead a pub crawl around Deal…. why not join him….he knows all the best places.

Look out for a mid-week luncheon at a fashionable Deal restaurant at a bargain price

Next year…… an Australian Christmas party……a PRIZE DRAW …. and lots more.    

Please indicate your interest in any of the above by email to johnboysnr@aol.com or philiplennard@btinternet.com or talk to any Committee member – Enjoy the summer.

GSPC – Annual General Meeting Notice

This blog is to inform you of the details of the GSPC 2014/2015 Annual General Meeting, to be held on 22nd Nov 2015 at 14.30 hours (or as close to that is practical).

Details as follows: We will board the 13.55 hours P & O Ferry to Calais. Tickets MUST be booked in advance.  The trip is NON LANDING and the return journey is scheduled for 17.15 hours (arriving back in Dover at 17.45 hours local time). A buffet will be provided on board.

We look forward to seeing you. The cost is just £25.00 per person to include the buffet.


Philip Lennard

Honorary Secretary

The Goodwin Sands Potholing Club