Subscriptions and very modest (Typically 3 to 5 Guineas per annum (yes Guineas) and are due annually on the 29th of February except in a leap year when they are due on the 30th. Subscriptions can be paid on the day after!

In order to join, please complete the membership form attached and return, as directed, to the address on the form complete with your payment. Cheques made payable to The Goodwin Sands Potholing Club.

Currency Conversion Rates:

1 Guinea = £1.05

2 Guineas = £2.10

3 Guineas = £3.15

4 Guineas = £4.20

5 Guineas = £5.25

Additionally, in order for us to keep our expenditure (postage costs etc) as low as possible we very much like to communicate electronically wherever possible. By doing this, we are then able to allocate a greater percentage of our funds to worthy recipients.

Would you therefore please provide us with your email address.